Wedding for 150? Oh No!!!!

About 5 months ago, I was told there would be a wedding at the hunting lodge I cook at. It first started out as 75 to 100 people. sure, that is ok….I have done a reunion for 70 there, this should not be a problem! About a month before the wedding, I was notified the number increased to 150!!!! Oh NOOOOO! I have never done anything that big!!!! What did I get myself in to????!!!!! Suck it up, Vicky, you have to go through this!

Things got increased and figures redone and finalized. This past week seems to be a blur because of so much to do and things going on outside of this wedding that I needed to keep my head in also.  Come Thursday morning, I was very scared and wanting to run away, but I pulled myself back and kept going.  without Margy Peters and Tammy Harris, I would have drowned…..

I was at the lodge from Thursday until today, Sunday. I cooked food from Thursday noon until breakfast today.  Whatever I cooked, it disappeared (with exception of wedding food). 5+ pounds of chicken salad, the eggs, the fruits, this and this and this and this and this…….

Wedding weekend is over and we survived. I want to thank my cousin, Tammy Dufner Harris​, and Margie Peters for the awesome job of taking charge of things so I did not have to worry about how it got done. I knew it would be done right! Many thanks to my dear husband, Larry Duecker​, for the sweat and hard work he put into the cooking of the meats outside on the pit in the hot atmosphere and the help inside the lodge to do things as needed and for keeping me sane, Lord knows I needed it. Many thanks to Christina Mullen​, for the beautiful job of pulling everything together with the help of her assistant, Sarah. There were many hands involved and the list would go on and on. Yes, I am glad it is over and I am home sitting down relaxing…hubby is asleep in his chair with golf game on TV, I am washing cloths and trying to figure out where everything I brought back home from the lodge will go. I brought it to the lodge in several trips but where am I going to put it? I will figure it out somehow.

The wedding was originally suppose to be 150 but I was told this am that there may have been 75-100 people. Left-overs? Yes, there was….4-1 gallon bags of pinto beans, 3 or 4 gallon bags of vermicelli salad, maybe 3 bags or less of potato salad (thank you, Ben E. Keith), 3-1 gallon bags of chicken, about 2 ½ gallon bags of brisket, sausage did not last (had 15 rings). Food was really good, if I say so myself and so did everyone else. Such a wonderful feeling…..

As I was leaving, I was told that two cousins wanted to have their wedding at the lodge….I cocked my head and looked at Christina Mullen kinda hard….and said…..ok. This was definitely a learning weekend for me and my team. I just hope and pray that I can keep those hands of Tammy and Margie on my side. They were angels from God for sure!

Hugs and blessings……..Vicky D

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