Wet Noodle…..

Have you ever felt so relaxed that you were purty much like a wet noodle? I am in that state right now….hubby gave me a $50 gift certificate to get a pedicure and I used it this morning (no paint on toe nails, folks). I left there so relaxed and so in a good brain fog. No ambition to do anything here at the house, told hubby that on the phone and he said to take the day off…I may just do that unless I get a spark of energy to do something I put on my list of things to do. On another note……WHAT THE HE—- IS GOING ON IN TOWN????? I wanted to go to Sandy Jenkin’s shop and to Der Kuchen Laden after my pedicure and there was no parking to be had on Austin Street nor in Visitor Center parking lot….it was not meant to be, so I went home to stay relaxed in the good brain fog that I am in. Spa music is on now to keep the mood going, and all laundry has been done except my work clothes, but that is tomorrow’s chore after going to Mt. Home Lodge. I DID buy a prime Rib Roast but I am waiting to fix it tomorrow night to share with hubby, he deserves it too! Have a good weekend, y’all! Hugs…

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